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Strike two   
09:48pm 20/11/2007
mood: crushed
  Why should i believe that the third time is the lucky time, when the second chance was blown away?
Should there even be a Strike Three?
I feel as if i should give up.
I put all the effort in, and circumstances play their magic, causing catastrophes.

Then, i put the effort in. Maybe the only one putting effort in.
I shouldn't have to make plans anymore.
If someone really wants to see me so much, then they only have to ask.
This "Someone" might be a lost cause. Non-existent.

icon_sad.gif Doesn't matter. Wont have the time for such irrelevant things in the future.
Totally Predictable   
07:55am 16/11/2007
mood: crushed
The weather totally Farked up what i planned to do tonight.

- Ferris Wheel -
- Amusement Park -
- Boy -

All gone, because of the weather.
And, to think i was gonna ask him out too.

Major Sigh Momenticon_cry.gif
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F-ARQ! WOO!   
02:13pm 10/11/2007
mood: distressed

Arq had a foam party. Was completely covered in BUBBLES! GLORIOUS BUBBLES!
Though most of my friends didn't turn up. icon_stare.gif
And the most important person in the world didn't show up. icon_sad.gif
I really wanted him to come.

More then the foam.
More then the topless guys with just swimmers.
More then the music.
More then the air.

icon_stare.gif I sound to sappy! Gotta stop!

Thanks to Jem Jem and Mr PiC for coming out! icon_biggrin.gif It was fun.
From the "jumper losing incident" to the "poke in the eye"
Lick Count by Jem Jem icon_blaugh.gif :
Attempts: 8
Successful: 7

**Photos up on Myspace**
Whatever Bish!   
06:57pm 05/11/2007
mood: flirty
Wow. Threats.
INTERESTING icon_stare.gif
How's about picking on somebody your own size, weight, etc?

So much work to do. Traineeship finishes on wednesday and I'm only half way through. icon_sweatdrop.gif
So i better get stuck into it.

Gonna shower first though!

And i miss him so much.
I haven't spoken about him before.
He is great. I icon_heart.gif him so much. He is funny, and wants to verse me at Air Hockey. The King of Air Hockey. icon_scream.gif I will win!
He gave me a rose yesterday, and kissed me. I died that day.

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Jem Jem's Party   
05:37pm 28/10/2007
mood: bouncy
So there was this party last night.
A Dress-up Halloween/Birthday party thing happening.

I wanted to go as a lion. But we wasted so much time at the shops, with ... what? $30 on me. Stupid hotel holding my money.
So i just decided to wear devil horns and a trident.
Though i thought the best costume would be a "Straight boy" (Mother dearest didn't think i pasted as a good straight boy! >__<)
And JEM JEM's Costume was the AWESOMEST!
I wish i was a girl and could fit into that!
Cheers to my plutonical girlfriend! You smexy thing you!

I found out i have a stalker. (And stalker, remember. I'm the Cute and Boyish one! SO EAT ON BURGERMEN WITH YOUR SPOON!!!)
One of the guys there (The cute one. The one with a significant other, spoken about in a blog of a blog. **
Cough** Jem Jem **Cough**) was blowing balloons up with his nose. (If he didn't do that, he would make an awesome boyfriend. Stupid Straight boy! HAHA)
And mother and father were there. Well my friends and i decided to dress up as a devil family. Worked out well i think! HAHA

So Cheers for a GREAT NIGHT OUT!
**Hands everyone burgermen**
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Alternate Universes -- Messed up Chances   
10:25pm 22/10/2007
mood: pessimistic
I use to have one of these where i would let it all out. But then i moved to LiveJournal.
Most people are too lazy to go and read (Or even comment for that matter)
So i hate you all!

So, there is this boy.
He is great. Something special in a way. Spent somewhat the weekend with him.
Bought a hotel room ($300), he stole my pink "fuck me" band, and gave it back. He made me something. I bought him a teddie, which i kinda made from Build-A-Bear in Penrith.
We huggled and cuddled that night. His fingers inbetween mine. Holding them close to his chest. Feeling the heart beat, with every breathe.
But i dont know if i'm too annoying for him. Maybe i am ...

Should i call more, to show i have his attention ...
Or call less to leave him alone ...
Should i get angry if he likes the attention of other boys?
It's not like we are dating after all.
Do i like him, or do i lust him?
I dunno.

Work is starting to get shitty. I think i might lose my job or something in the next couple of days. Because i took a day off.
I dunno. I told them i was sick, but i wasn't.
They require a doctors certificate that i can not provide.
Is it worth it?
Work gives me so much shit as it is ...
Maybe i should look for another one.

Friends are in this "parallel universe".
Everything is going down hill with him.
"I can't live without someone in my life"
"I just got kicked out of home"
"The police are after me"
I dunno, it's hard to balance everything all together, while trying to hold my own sanity.

Sometimes i just wanna sit there, in the dark.
Nobody can see me then.

Nobody knows i'm there.
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Come out with your hands UP!   
11:17am 19/10/2007
  Police Report:
 Time: 10:20pm, Monday 15th October, 2007
Location: Concord West KFC

Two people came into the store. using a hammer to smash the front door open. Staff were startled, before being told to lay on the floor by one of the culprits holding a tazor.
The other, held the manager up towards the safe, and waited for the safe to open.
After they took what they could from the safe, they took the managers $85K BMW.

They also used the BMW was used to rob two other places.
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skating as one on thin ice   
09:15am 05/10/2007
mood: tired
Is this job going to be a healthy and sustainable environment to work under?
People here push you to limits, and heights what you just wanna jump off.

Why is human society selfish? Holding an abundance of laziness with every stride ...
I mind goes into arrest when I try to apprehend the idea.
Is it because of age?

You can't escape it. It's everywhere. People are everywhere.
Though there is nothing wrong with dreaming the escape ...
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Poem #02   
09:33pm 03/10/2007
They say beauty is only skin deep.
And i want you to love the person within.
Like a paintbrush to the canvas of life.
Down the cold steal goes to the skin.

It starts to whimper and slowly cry.
The tears of life, they start to fall.
A little bit of pain, and maybe the gain.
The blood of beauty, Inking the floor.

Am i what you wanted?
Am i what you need?
The thoughts keep running though my head.
What if you can't see the beauty that's within.
I'm nothing more then rotting skin.
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Whole Lotta Random Shit   
08:25pm 03/10/2007
mood: creative
"And the award goes to ... ME!
For being at work EXTREMELY early every day. A hard working Team Member, and with a CHAMPS score of 95% - 100%
I turned up to the staff meeting 15 Minutes late.

New Photos:
View PhotosCollapse )

New Backgrounds:
Background ClickCollapse )

New Poem:
Mummy mummy
Here I am.
I studied very hard.
I've got an a
Aren't you glad?
I'm still a tub of lard!?

Mummy mummy
Look at me.
I've learnt some new trick.
I swim and dive,
And dance and jive.
And yet I'm still a dick

Mummy mummy
Hear this out.
I'm gonna do the lawns!
I'll paint the walls
And clean the floors
And yet I've got all the flaws.

Mummy mummy
I grabed the rope.
And tied it in a knot.
Round my head
And over the beam.
I'm finally off the lot.

The chair it wobbled.
I'm getting scared.
Is this really it?
No more worrying
No more love.
The child that didn't fit
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Ugly Green Monster   
11:57pm 19/09/2007
mood: depressed
I can deal with being ugly.
I am.
Lets not deny it.

I look different from webcam then photos apparently.
Maybe the photos get a better side of me. Webcam the worse.

But the webcam is closer to Real Life then photos.
Maybe im suppose to be ugly huh.
I dunno.
I try not to cry over it sometimes.
But i can't help it.
K U C F !   
11:38pm 19/09/2007
mood: infuriated
Fucking people.
Fucking Technology.

Yes another Rant about people!

I dont understand what is so hard about reading the time.
I dont understand what is so difficult about having a headset on.
I dont understand why you can't ask if you can go out for a smoke.
I dont understand why you can't turn your phone off.
I dont understand how you can talk ...
ALL while there are customers waiting to be served.

It is not my job to take over the roles for 2 other team members.
I'm not superman.
I can't take orders on drive-thru and front counter at once.
Nor can i make burgers, pack meals, stock up fridge/freezers, stock up boxes
While the rest of you do fucking shit.

And if i dont do it, i'm in trouble. Not you!

I hate the myspace fuckers.
I hate the Atms of the world.
I hate the dole bludgers of todays society
I hate customers
I hate team members
I hate you
I hate me!

Fuck off and die bitches!
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03:59pm 16/09/2007
  WTf O_o&apos;  
Living A New   
04:08pm 15/09/2007
mood: ecstatic
New House.
New Room.
New Beginning.
New Ending.

All my stuff is still all over my room!
I'm so messy.
But i gotta wait for mum to fix the wardrobe up. And then i'm finished!

And i found a nifty Web-cam
while my horrendous and eventful unpacking.
It's sad yer.

Oh yer, i created a new background.
It's Space Invaders in Retro. I think it's awesome!

**wants the new sim game on DS!! Hint Hint**
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9 / 11 Tribute   
10:20pm 11/09/2007
mood: Reminisce
We will remember the brave men and women who lost their lives on this day 6 years ago.
We will remember the brave men and women of the New York Police Department, New York Fire Department and the New York Paramedics who lost their lives in order to save innocent civilians.

Rest In Peace
Judging a Character   
08:05pm 06/09/2007
mood: Grrish
"Change your attitude or Leave"
That was the talk the manager and I had today in short.
Okay Okay, I Agree. MAYBE, i have been a little bit moody lately at work.
MAYBE i failed work in it's evaluation.
But i gotta lighten up. Just until TAFE next year anyway ...

I understand, that your hair SHOULD be a certain length while in the Hospitality Industry.
But, the style in which your hair is, should NOT be used in a way to judge character.
Just because my hair is styled this way, doesn't mean i am incapable of a Management Role.
Nor, am i incapable of learning in a Univerisity.
Just because my hair is styled in a way of a sub-culture, does not  mean i slit  my wrists.
I don't understand the big idea on it.

New photo from today too!
Peace out Homie G
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Bad day #78123-42   
09:03pm 05/09/2007
mood: distressed
I've finally got an Up-To-Date About me section now!

That is the best thing to happen all day today, except getting on the express train home!

The rest was full of the usual shit.

- Wake up, and have 20 minutes to get ready
Have to wait because parents need the potty.
Get in trouble cause im running late

- Lose weekly ticket for train.
No point purchasing new one.
Cue behind me

- People smelt funny on the train.
Looked funny too.
FuCk YoU BiTcHs!

- Evalutation at work today.
No Name badge.
No Hat
"What's Wrong? Whats Wrong?"
Shut the fuck up!

- Friends talking about your brother.
Oh he did this.
He did that.
I missed him.
"Oh im sick of talking about your brother"
What a first!

- Haven't eaten dinner.
Not hungry.
Too sick to eat

Other then that, it's been alright.

Going to doctors on friday!
Maybe i'll get a lollipop!
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Virus ATTACK!   
08:24pm 02/09/2007
  I formated my computer!

Virus = 2
Adware = 721938729861392


But at least i got rid of it!
Go Aekea!   
10:51pm 01/09/2007
  Aekea for Summer Festival!  
L O V E   
08:29pm 31/08/2007
  L O V E

**Jake owns. Sorry peeps! XD 

Pass some red frogs this way!
We can have a Red Frog and Disco Sytling Party!